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it's learning är klart för MobilityGuard

it´s learning är nu klart för att kunna integreras med säkerhetsplattformen MobilityGuard.

MobilityGuards ambition är att erbjuda en säkerhets- och integrationsplattform som gör det möjligt att med små insatser knyta samman applikationer och e-tjänster från olika leverantörer till en väl fungerande helhetslösning.

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1. Jeannette wrote:
"Hahaha funny how racists and nazis of today try to find litetimage arguments for their extremists views. Of course there will be no race war, because there IS NO SUCH thing as 'race'."And I suppose ethnic groups are just a make-believe grouping as well? This idea that there are no races is only partially correct - races have always been very much a subjective categorization ("sociological construct"), but that certainly doesn't mean that groupings cannot exist for humans just like they do for every other species on this planet (canines, frogs, lions, all of them have distinct sub-species). What makes humanity any different in this aspect? Nothing!I hear often the argument that we have more in common among all the ethnic groups on our planet than we do differences. Indeed, we share a large amount of DNA. In fact, upwards of 98.5% of our DNA is shared with our close ape relatives - hopefully that puts into perspective what 1.5% of our DNA sequence can do to the final outcome (all of the differences between chimpanzees and humans...). What variation humans have in genetics varies depending on our evolutionary history. Many thousands of years ago humans moved out of east Africa into different regions of the world - and were subjected to different environmental conditions. Does it not make sense that our ancestors developed specialized adaptations to these climates in order to survive as a group? Of course it does. This process is known as natural selection and is a constantly progressing attribute of all life on Earth.Perhaps in the future when you want to boast such a naive viewpoint as if it were fact you should think twice and apply some common sense. Best regards,-James

September 29, 2013 @ 11:22 AM

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